Month: May 2016


Source & Author: EJF

On Sunday, the international Port State Measures Agreement will come into force following its ratification by 29 States and the European Union. The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) strongly welcomes the announcement, saying that stronger port controls are a critical step that helps take profit out of pirate fishing. Continue reading New international treaty is serious blow to pirate fishing, says environment and human rights group EJF


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On 29 July 2015, Oceana and its partners (See Note) launched the Who Fishes Far database. This pioneering tool in fisheries transparency makes details of EU fishing vessels operating outside Union waters accessible to the public for the first time.

Today, the details of more than 6,800 additional vessels have been added to Who Fishes Far, bringing the database for EU vessels to just over 22,000. Continue reading New data on the European Union external fishing fleet: more transparency in world fisheries