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The EU IUU Regulation Carding Scheme: A Key Tool to Improving Global Fisheries Governance

The EU IUU Regulation is the most far-reaching and influential system of its kind in operation today and has been instrumental in improving international oceans governance as well as anti-IUU fishing measures in non-EU countries and reducing imports of IUU products to the EU market.

Small-scale Fisheries Vessel Monitoring: Success Stories from Andalucia

A voluntary monitoring scheme of small scale vessels in Andalucía shows that mandatory monitoring & catch reporting is possible and helpful for fishers, control authorities and consumers and should be extended to all EU waters.

Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM)

Brief overview of Remote Electronic Monitoring, how it works and the benefits. It is difficult to manage anything if you don’t measure/monitor it. REM provides a comprehensive and low cost approach.

EU carding film 2018

The EU’s External Fishing Fleet: Flying the Flag for Transparency and Sustainability

Ahead of the December 5th vote by MEPs, Oceana and its IUU Coalition partners have released this animation showing why robust reform of the EU’s external fleet regulation is urgently needed. The revision presents a crucial opportunity to enhance standards for all EU vessels, wherever they fish, to ensure that their activities are sustainable, legal and in line with EU standards and laws.

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The Arrest of the Viking

The hunt for the last of six known toothfish poaching vessels has ended with the arrest of the Nigerian-flagged Viking in Indonesia.

The fight against illegal fishing

EU institution eateries and sushi restaurants among those guilty of fish fraud in Brussels

One in three fish dishes ordered at Brussels based restaurants do not correspond to the fish that has been ordered and paid for. This is according to research carried out by global environmental NGO Oceana with the help of the Catholic University of Leuven. DNA tests were carried out on 280 fish samples collected from 150 restaurants.

Illegal Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing – Stories from Belize and Fiji

After having showed improvements in their fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, the European Commission lifted the trade sanctions imposed to Belize on October 2014. Fiji was also delisted from the warning list, together with Panama, Togo and Vanuatu.

Ending Illegal Fishing

IUU fishing depletes fish stocks, destroys marine ecosystems, puts legitimate fishers at an unfair disadvantage and jeopardises the livelihoods of some of the world’s poorest people. This film looks at ways in which it can be tackled and urges consumers and decision makers to take action to end pirate fishing.

Pirates & Slaves

How overfishing and pirate fishing in Thailand fuels human trafficking and the plundering of our oceans.

The Hidden Cost

Human rights abuses in Thailand’s shrimp industry

Pirate Fishing Exposed – The Fight against Illegal Fishing in West Africa and EU

Sierra Leone, a small coastal state in West Africa, has seen a dramatic drop in Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) or ‘pirate’ Fishing following a groundbreaking investigation by UK-­‐based NGO Environmental Justice Foundation.