Seafood Traceability Systems

Date: November 15, 2016

Source & Author: FAO

Gap analysis of inconsistencies in standards and norms

This report identifies and analyses gaps and inconsistencies in the current fish traceability standards and regulations. As a first step in reaching this goal, the key terms in understanding the concept of traceability were explained and this concept was described in connection with related notion. The second step consisted in performing a comprehensive literature review on which the gap analysis of the traceability standards and regulations was built on. The last step in this study was performing a content analysis of selected international standards and guidelines, regulatory standards, and industry and NGO non-regulatory standards. By employing this multi-method analysis several awareness, commitment, implementation, technology and standards gaps were identified and described. In addition, specific inter- and intra-institutions inconsistencies were highlighted. Finally, recommendations for governments and stakeholders along the value chain were discussed.

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