Liberians accuse 2 boats of illegal fishing, seek $1m

Date: February 10, 2017

Source & Author: News 24

Liberian authorities say they’ve impounded two foreign fishing vessels and are seeking $1m in compensation.

Defense Minister Brownie Samukai said on Friday that one of the boats was a Chinese vessel that paid just $700 for a permit to import 40 tons of fish.

However, he told state radio that officials found that the permit was being used for multiple vessels, carrying a total of 130 tons of fish.

The other vessel is Spanish-owned but Senegalese-flagged.

 Liberian authorities are citing 25 violations, and the boat has been impounded and its crew detained by state security.

Overfishing remains a rampant problem along Liberia’s coastline due to a lack of resources for patrolling.

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