New report by FISH-i Africa now available – Illegal Fishing? Evidence and Analysis

Date: March 20, 2017

Source & Author: Stop Illegal Fishing

A new publication from FISH-i Africa, ‘Illegal Fishing? Evidence and Analysis’ examines 15 FISH-i investigations and demonstrates the scope of illegal fishing, fisheries violations and associated illegalities and crimes that are taking place in the Western Indian Ocean.

Since its formation in 2012 FISH-i has been working together to identify and disrupt the illegal operators and to increase compliance in the fisheries sector. This publication demonstrates the success of the Task Force and is a demonstration of the collaborative and cooperative working practices that have been established.

By analysing the common methods and techniques employed by operators to cover up illegal activity or get away with their offences, FISH-i has identified a range of behaviours and practices that are commonly employed in the WIO. These relate to vessel identity issues, flagging issues, business practices, forged documents and the avoidance of penalties.

Speaking at the publication launch at Chatham House Sandy Davies, of the FISH-i Technical Team commented ‘this publication reflects the hard work and dedication of the FISH-i Africa Task Force. Many investigations do not result in a successful penalty or prosecution but the lesson learning about where and when the system fails is vital for deciding future priorities. FISH-i is making progress both in understanding and in tackling illegal fishing and fisheries related illegality and this informs the policy process both within the FISH-i Africa region and internationally so that globally we are better able to effectively combat IUU fishing.’

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