Beyond regulatory compliance – Seafood traceability benefits and success cases

Date: July 8, 2020

Source: FAO

Since the mid-1990s, traceability has become a popular concept in industrial logistics, regardless of the production regime and type of product. Implementing traceability systems across the food supply chain is seen as crucial for increasing food quality and safety, for optimizing production or for documenting sustainability. However, implementation of traceability systems in the seafood sector seems to be stagnating. Against this backdrop, the main objective of this study is to define and analyse in detail seafood traceability benefits related to regulatory compliance, supply chain management improvements, market access facilitation, and risk mitigation. To support this objective, the study collects and compiles policy incentives from governments and industry associations to encourage the establishment of company seafood traceability. In addition, this study updates information regarding existing traceability standards and norms serving various purposes in the seafood sector. Based on a thorough analysis of speciality literature and the extensive experience of the authors, this study formulates several recommendations that are relevant for a wide range of stakeholders in the seafood sector.

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