Americans Overwhelmingly Support Ending Illegal Fishing and Seafood Fraud, Poll Finds

Date: January 29, 2021

Source: Oceana

Oceana Calls on President Biden to Increase Transparency and Traceability of Seafood to Protect Fishers, Businesses and Consumers

Oceana today released the results of a nationwide poll finding that Americans overwhelmingly support policies to end illegal fishing and seafood fraud. Included among the key findings, 89% of voters agree that imported seafood should be held to the same standards as U.S. caught seafood. Additionally, 81% of voters say they support policies that prevent seafood from being sold in the U.S. that was caught using human trafficking and slave labor. 83% agree that all seafood should be traceable from the fishing boat to the dinner plate, and 77% support requirements for all fishing vessels to be publicly trackable. 

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