Oceana Puts IUU-Listed Vessels on The Map

Date: June 16, 2021

Source: Oceana

New Tool, IUU Vessel Tracker, Displays Locations of Illegal Vessels

Oceana launched a new tool that tracks illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU)-listed vessels. Using Global Fishing Watch data, Oceana’s IUU Vessel Tracker displays the movements of vessels currently IUU-listed by regional fishery management organizations (RFMOs). The Norway-based nonprofit organization Trygg Mat Tracking actively compiles RFMO lists on the Combined IUU Vessel List, providing up-to-date information on IUU-listed vessels. Currently there are 168 vessels listed across 12 management organizations that oversee fishing on the high seas. Oceana’s IUU Vessel Tracker is currently only displaying two vessels that are broadcasting their locations using their automatic identification system (AIS) devices, which is why governments must require fishing vessels to continuously broadcast their AIS signals to increase transparency and accountability at sea. The map shows apparent fishing and transit activities of vessels over a one-month period of time.

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