18 Mar

In the vast expanse of the ocean, illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing poses a significant threat to marine ecosystems, sustainable fisheries management, food security and livelihoods in coastal communities worldwide. Obscured ownership structures can facilitate the true perpetrators from not being held to account for such illicit practices.  Tackling IUU fishing requires a clear […]

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18 Nov

Spain imports thousands of tonnes of seafood from high-risk countries for illegal fishing and imports large quantities of high-risk species including bluefin tuna, squid and swordfish – relying on national import controls alone is not enough. Despite the relative strengths of the EU IUU Regulation, the EU’s catch certification scheme and Spain’s commendable import controls, […]

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5 Mar

Source: SeafoodSource New research published by environmental law charity ClientEarth calls on European Union countries to urgently implement an online, union-wide system to track and prevent billions of dollars of illegally-caught fish from entering the market every year. Read more

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24 Jul

Source: Research4Committees The purpose of this briefing note on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) infringement procedures and sanctions throughout the European Union (EU) is to present an update on an earlier European Parliament (EP) briefing note: ‘The Common Fisheries Policy – Infringement Procedures and Imposed Sanctions throughout the European Union’ (2014). The present briefing note […]

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28 Nov

Source: Oceana The European Parliament officially approved today the new European Commission, which will make fighting climate change one of its top priorities. To mitigate climate change, Oceana calls upon the new Commission to ensure ocean restoration and protection are fully integrated into the European Green Deal. The new Commission is expected to start its five-year […]

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