5 Oct

Source: Forbes In August, the world turned its attention towards the tiny Galápagos archipelago when nearly 300 Chinese-flagged vessels were found fishing near the Ecuadorian EEZ that encompasses the biologically-significant islands, raising concerns about illegal and unregulated fishing. A new report by environmental non-profit Oceana claims that the vessels, now moving south through Peru, may be purposefully […]

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17 Jan

Source: Hakai Magazine Author: Kimberley Riskas Bunker vessels are one of the most connected ships at sea; tracking them could pinpoint clusters of illegal fishing. Fuel tankers may help track down illegal fishing and unravel the criminal networks behind it, according to an Australian study. Across the world’s oceans, up to US $23-billion is lost annually to illegal, […]

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15 Sep

Source: The Economist Illegal, unreported and unregulated. The business of off-the-books ocean fishing, abbreviated to IUU by international organisations, is a big one, worth many billions of dollars a year. Estimates of the annual catch landed beyond the authorities’ notice range from 11m to 26m tonnes. That is on top of an official catch of […]

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