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Source: Oceana
Author: Vanya Vulperhors
Yesterday’s agreement by EU bodies on a new regulation governing the European Union’s extensive external fishing fleet is a momentous step towards building sustainable fisheries globally and deserves wholehearted praise. Continue reading EU’s external fishing fleet to become the most transparent, accountable and sustainable globally following legal reform


Source: Environmental Justice Foundation
Author: EJF Staff

Responding to a recent article in the Phuket Gazette entitled “Thailand receives ranking upgrade combating IUU fishing” the Environmental Justice Foundation warns the Royal Thai Government still has a long-way to go to ensure the long-term sustainability of its fisheries.

Continue reading Thailand’s efforts to eradicate illegal fishing and seafood slavery remain inadequate


Source: Environmental Justice Foundation
Author: Victoria Mundy

Expert opinion provides clarity on member state legal obligations to control seafood imports under the European Union’s illegal fishing regulation – identifies breaches of EU law Continue reading Legal opinion has relevance for all EU member states regarding control of seafood imports, according to new commentary