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Source: EJF
Author: Sebastian Buschmann

Christmas is almost here, and as you might know, the festive season in Germany comes with a lot of traditional fish dishes. Celebrations usually call for carp, a freshwater fish from our rivers in Europe or often produced in aquaculture farms. Thankfully for the consumer who may be on the lookout for sustainable products, as freshwater species, carps are not subject to illegal ‘pirate’ fishing, one of the main threats to our marine environment. Continue reading Legal vs. illegal fish


Source: House of Ocean
Author: Mercedes Rosello

Note: This blog post was first published on Swiss Re Open Minds.

As the World Bank points out, the oceans have a vast potential to unlock sustainable development, being also a key factor in the regulation of the Earth’s climate systems. The ocean feeds and provides work security for millions of people, including some of the world’s poorest. Continue reading Insurers can help combat the marine overfishing crisis – here is how.