Norway undertakes self-assessment of flag State performance

Date: November 12, 2018

Source: FAO

Norway has undertaken a self-assessment of flag State performance, using the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Voluntary Guidelines for Flag State Performance (VGFSP) as a basis.

The VGFSP provide guidance to strengthen and monitor compliance by flag States with their international duties and obligations regarding the flagging and control of fishing vessels. Paragraphs 6-43 of the VGFSP outline the Performance Assessment Criteria – ranging from fisheries management, registration and records of vessels, fishing authorisations, monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) and cooperation between flag States and coastal States – against which countries are encouraged to rate the fulfilment of their obligations.

Through this assessment, Norway has found that in general, it has incorporated the relevant binding measures into its domestic legislation and management system. However, it has identified some gaps in its regulations concerning vessels engaged in transshipment, refuelling and resupplying at sea.

The report of Norway’s self-assessment can be found here. Norway and FAO encourage other flag States to undertake and share their self-assessments.

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