Supporting Documents

The EU is currently taking a serious step forward towards improving the sustainability and transparency of the activities of its fishing fleet outside EU waters with its recent proposal for a regulation on the sustainable management of the external fishing fleet. This will bring the regulation in to line with the EU IUU Regulation.

  • A database of global marine commercial, small-scale, illegal and unreported fisheries catch 1950–2014

    Available in: English

  • The Need to Regulate Private and Chartering Agreements for Access to External Waters

    Available in:  English | French | German | Dutch | Spanish

  • Reaction to the EU Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on the Sustainable  Management of External Fishing Fleet

    Available in English

  • One number, one boat. The need for mandatory IMO numbers for EU vessels fishing outside of European Union waters – June 2016

    Available in:  English | French | German | Italian | Spanish

  • Transparency in fisheries sector- Need for a public database on the EU’s External Fleet Regulation

    Available in: English | French | Spanish | German | Dutch 

  • FAR Narrative: Ensuring better control of the EU’s external fishing fleet

    Available in: English

  • A New and More Effective Fishing Authorisation Regulation

    Available in English |Spanish | French | German | Italian