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June 14th 2017: The EU IUU Coalition has written to member states requesting their support for the most ambitious reform of the EU external fleet regulation, urging specific backing for Commission powers to withdraw fishing authorisations in the event of flag state non-compliance, and a comprehensive database on external fishing authorisations.

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The EU is currently taking a serious step forward towards improving the sustainability and transparency of the activities of its fishing fleet outside EU waters with its recent proposal for a regulation on the sustainable management of the external fishing fleet. This will bring the regulation in to line with the EU IUU Regulation.

  • A database of global marine commercial, small-scale, illegal and unreported fisheries catch 1950–2014

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  • The Need to Regulate Private and Chartering Agreements for Access to External Waters

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  • Reaction to the EU Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on the Sustainable  Management of External Fishing Fleet

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  • One number, one boat. The need for mandatory IMO numbers for EU vessels fishing outside of European Union waters – June 2016

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  • Transparency in fisheries sector- Need for a public database on the EU’s External Fleet Regulation

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  • FAR Narrative: Ensuring better control of the EU’s external fishing fleet

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  • A New and More Effective Fishing Authorisation Regulation

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